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//  Origin:  Johnstown, PA
//  Genres:  Classical, Contemporary,                                   Pop
//  Years Active:  1986- Present
//  Performances As Requested:  Public,  Private,  Indoor,  Outdoor
//  Website:
Short Bio

I am a Harpist.  My Lyon & Healy Harp has been with me for over 30 years! From my first performance at age 16, in the musical "The Fantasticks" to a recent Wedding at the Windsor Chapel, it is an honor for me to perform.

In the process of reflecting on my past to help me in composing a short bio, I am overwhelmed by reading through thank you notes, newspaper clippings and articles that clients have mailed me over the years.  How wonderful it is to reflect on moments via a bit of paper in my hand; my very own harp historical document!  


Much of our world is now accessible online and as I begin this season of sharing part of my life as a "Harpist in Motion;"  thank you for taking a peek at my website.  I look forward to your feedback!  


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